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Lonely in Gorgeous, yeah, party night, I'm breaking my heart. Where are you bad boy? Party time, I miss you bad boy. Lonely in Gorgeous, I'm breaking my heart. Where are you bad boy? Lonely in party night. Lonely in Gorgeous.

If you can’t handle me randomly blurting out song lyrics that relate to what you just said, we can’t be friends

Orlando Bloom shared New York apartment with Sir Ian McKellen

The Pirates of the Caribbean star lived in the city while starring in Romeo and Juliet last year (13).

Director Peter Jackson let him stay in his apartment, and the actor shared it with his Lord of the Rings co-star McKellen, who was also working on Broadway at the time.

Bloom says, “There were two parts (to the apartment). Ian was in the big one and I was in the small one, and we were doing Broadway, so we’d get home at the end of the night and have a drink and a debrief, catch-up. It was amazing.”


photo taken from when they appeared together on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ … Bravotv [last year]

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ack, can’t get the photo to show up properly, why is that?

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Y’know people say shit about social media along the lines of ‘OMG no one cares what anyone had for breakfast’ and like.

I do? I care. I’m pretty sure a lot of people care. I want to hear that the people I care about are having delicious breakfasts or saw something odd at work or flirted with a cute barista. Or just any little thoughts they have that they feel are worth sharing.

I’ve always kind of assumed that’s how you’re supposed to feel about your friends.

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Loyalty is the core of the friendships [Veronica] makes, all of them based on the ability to see past the surface to the character within … Wallace Fennell is a black student new to the school who, in a small version of what Veronica has gone through, has unsuccessfully attempted to report a crime and has been humiliated by being taped, naked, to the school flagpole by members of a local biker gang. In both cases, local law enforcement was less than useless; and Wallace’s nakedness faintly echoes Veronica’s rape. [x]

#friendly reminder that an entire backstory as to why a character who had shut herself off from virtually everyone would accept this frien…  #dship was developed in less than half and episode

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snsd ending moves
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Lana Del Rey
Coachella, 2014

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I deserve this!!!!

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